Our Sweet and Crazy Coonhound ...

Our Sweet and Crazy Coonhound ...
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Evidence of an Escape Plot

Booker has been really well behaved lately, when left alone at home. With the exception, of course, of the "Ham Salad Incident." We go out the door and he curls up on the sofa.

Yesterday H-Mom left to open the gallery a bit before 10 a.m. Booker had an hour at the dog park and a brisk walk before she left. Then he hung out with Samantha and got another walk before she headed out around 2 for her internship job.

Was all quiet? No complaints about barking. The anti-bark citronella collar is very effective.

When H-Mom and Samantha got home together around 4:30, the front door was unlocked. She turned to Samantha. "That's weird, did you lock up when you left?"

"I think so," Sam nodded. Samantha is very diligent and extremely security-conscious. It's not like her to leave the door unlocked.

We went in. Booker was very pleased to see us. Goofy, silly pleased. He was
acting odd. He was acting guilty.

This is what we discovered:

Scratch marks by the front door. The paint is chipped and marred with nail trails. Note how the door would be easy for a crafty dog to unlock - you just push down on the lever and then on the handle. He got it unlocked, but not open. That didn't work, so he moved to try his new technique on another.

Look at this! Light coming through. H-Mom's bedroom door is open a crack! Booker pushed the handle down and let himself in!

The pillows and throw are mysteriously messed up. Are those pawprints on Man-Dad's side of the bed? Guess all that attempted breaking and exiting deserved a nap!

H-Mom and Samantha tried really hard not to laugh. Naughty dog! What if he would have gotten out the front door and into the hallway? Would he have gone and waited for the elevator? Next time everyone is gone, he will be in his kennel, where he can't get into mischief and plot an escape.

Where did Booker go? Seems he is hiding behind the sofa.


River said...

And so the mischief continues!! My sister dalmatian can open a door. She's learned to HIT at a handle (the round kind!) until it opens. We have a deadbolt on the front door. I'm glad Booker didn't really escape--it's too scary out there!!

love & wags,

Bolo said...

WOW. Was it an escape attempt or were you just trying to follow your people Booker?

Booker the Treeing Walker said...

I'm still trying to make sure that H-Mom isn't really really mad at me about the Ham Salad Incident. I think I was worried she was going to leave forever ... that wouldn't be good because I LIKE it here! I was trying to go with her & Sam so they can't ditch me!

Joe Stains said...

Booker, you don't want to get out, there are bad things and bad people out there. If you want to work on a skill, learn to dial the phone and memorize the pizza delivery number!!!

Charlie Daniels said...

Maybe there was a smudge mark on the wall near the door and Booker was just trying to clean it off? LOL @ Joe Stains :-)



Maggie & Mitch said...

You're getting more and more clever, Booker! I can open doors too! It does have its advantages! Stay safe though, okay?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Kess & Her Mama said...

It's a hound thing. We're great escape artists! Did you have to patch up the paint on the wall?

BrandytheGreat said...

Hehehe, I must say he's pretty genius..