Our Sweet and Crazy Coonhound ...

Our Sweet and Crazy Coonhound ...
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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dog-Friendly Gallery in Dog-Friendly City

Yes, we are a dog-friendly gallery! Of course! (thanks for asking, Jake and Just Harry ... come and visit H-Mom, she would be thrilled!)

Everyone on the street is talking about planning a "Yappy Hour" for the downtown Fort Lauderdale shopping district - Las Olas Boulevard. "Yappy Hour" would feature a hundred adoptable dogs from the Humane Society, wearing "Adopt Me" bandanas; "dog specials" at the restaurants with dog-friendly outdoor seating; and, "Dogs Welcome" signs in the windows of participating merchants, along with bowls of biscuits, drinking water, and poopbags (H-Mom added that last one).

Does anyone else live in a city that does something similar? We think it would be great fun if Fort Lauderdale "went to the dogs" for a day.

H-Mom tried to think of an artist in our gallery - Las Olas Fine Arts - who paints DOGS, and she found some wonderful paintings by Dominic Besner, an incredibly talented young Canadian artist quickly earning international acclaim:

Greyhounds racing ...

Roulement de tambour pour une course de 3, Mixed Media on Canvas

Dog in a tutu? It looks like a dancing greyhound:

Tutu des Flandres, Mixed Media on Canvas

There was an awesome huge painting with three Borzoi in the background, but H-Mom cannot find the image. The gallery represents very contemporary artists. The best thing about the gallery, from a dog's point of view, is the highly polished cement floor - always cool when it's hot outside!


Jake of Florida said...

Yappy hour, huh? Sounds like fun. Let us know how the plans materialize.

We're suburban dogs, but we think we'd know how to behave in an urban setting. When Mom and Dogdad were in Manhattan a few years ago, they were fascinated by "urban dogs" who stopped nicely at street corners and who knew how to maneuver among the pedestrians.

Our pal Asta,who lives in the West Village with her family,is the very model of a model urbanista. Have you met her yet? Her mom is a talented artist. http://astasworld.blogspot.com/

Bye for now,

Jake and Just Harry

Charlie Daniels said...

Those floors look like a log of sliding fun to me :-)



River said...

Yappy Hour is a great idea. It'll be noisy and fun. 100 dogs--how many does that humane society hold? Must be a lot. My mom has seen it done and it generates a lot of interest. Those greyhounds look like big rats or is it just me?

love & wags,

Maggie and Mitch said...

I wish we had something like that here! We need some culture too!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Sophie Brador said...

Booker! Mom loves that greyhound painting. She might have to talk to your mom. And a Canadian artist too. She loves that.