Our Sweet and Crazy Coonhound ...

Our Sweet and Crazy Coonhound ...
Run Free: birthdate unknown - Oct. 17 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thoughts on a Kong

Before H-Mom got this crazy idea that a COONHOUND would be the right breed for the family. And before she did all this research and saw how COONHOUNDS go all crazy in the woods, and how they often are kept only tied or chained or in wire pens, and how they are "THROWN AWAY" when they become an expense or slow down or don't hunt productively. Before she found out that they are difficult to rehome because they are often thought of as hunting dogs and not at all as PETS.

Before all that, I have heard that H-Mom and Man-Dad were looking for a Labrador. They even
did tons and tons of research. They registered with "South Florida Labrador Rescue," and had a home visit! They talked black, chocolate, yellow and even RED. They set out all the photos of the Labradors that Man-Dad used to have. He loved those Labradors. They put up alerts for adoptable Labradors.

They found a Labrador breeder in South Florida who had a 2-year old female needing a home. (She was not quite a Show star and was not going to be bred.) They even went to visit this Labrador.

They were serious. Serious about a Lab.

There is evidence:

They had even BOUGHT some toys, expecting a Labrador.

Note that THIS Kong is a "WATER" Kong. It is
made for throwing INTO the water so that a retriever-minded dog can leap into the water, swim, grab the floating Kong, and then return it to the pitcher. This Kong is specifically designed for a game of ... water fetch.

Then H-Mom and Man-Dad got a call from American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue. "Booker can come and live with you! We can ship him this weekend!" Actually, H-Mom and Man-Dad
got this phone call when they were on the highway, on their way home from visiting the beautiful, water-loving black Labradors at Surfside Labs. That's where they met the sweet 2-year female that they could have.

Now, look at this foot:

Here, Booker will hold it up for you. Look carefully:

There is no webbing on this foot. It is the tidy, cat-like paw of a Coonhound. It is large-padded, well-clawed, for giving traction when tracking, and for clawing up a tree after cornered raccoons, bears and mountain lions. This is not the foot of a water retriever. There are no webs. Nothing duck-like here.

The only interest that Booker has in water is cooling his paws if there is a puddle on a hot road or quickly powering through it if the scent he is on comes out the other side. There is no Coonhound "joy of water just for the sake of water."

So the only thing that a Coonhound could possibly do with a WATER KONG is make like it's a RACCOON and kill it. Shake it really hard and growl. Shake the living daylights out of it some more. And then suggest that a Coonhound can do that much, much better than any Labrador could ever do, looking up at H-Mom and Man-Dad with those big, always mournful-looking
Coonhound eyes.


Eduardo said...

Well Booker I'm glad they got you instead of a lab! My Mommy & Daddy were looking for a beagle before they got me! Mommy loves the way hound dogs howl, so a beagle was perfect. But they found me & my brother! Half beagle half pug. they loved everything about us. but daddy doesn't love me as much as he loved my brother:( I like the way that water kong looks but I don't like water.
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

River said...

Yeah, that for beagles too. We hate water except to drink. Wubbas would be toast with us. My mom has had labs and beagles--she still prefers the howling hounds.

love & wags,

Biggie-Z said...

You can make your own game with the Wubba. My humans call my game "dumbchuck" because I whip it around my body like Bruce Lee with his nunchucks, but I whack myself all over the body with it, which is sort of dumb. Of me, and also anyone dumb enough to be standing nearby when I do this.

P.S. I think you have very pretty paws.

Maggie and Mitch said...

We're so glad your family got you instead of a Lab, Booker!
We love our Kong! We have the orange one that goes in the water but it's never been water tested and probably never will be!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mango said...

Booker, you are much better than a lab. They are annoying hump meisters. Hope you are working things out with your sister. Lighten up with her, OK?


Saint Lover said...

At least that wubba didn't go to waste... All 6 of my dogs love the kong wubbas.

I think you made a good choice getting Booker.

Charity, Gary, Katie and Louis said...

Booker looks so adorable in that last picture. I'm glad he likes his Wubba.

Charlie Daniels said...

I don't have one of those Kongs .. I have one of the other ones that treats get stuffed inside. I like it so much I can't remember where I left it!



Celeste said...

What beautiful paws (sans webbing) and eyes. In this house, we like to chew OFF the "streamers" on those kongs.

Sophie Brador said...

Booker! My sister was part hound. Not coon hound, but she looked a lot like you. She was a throw away too. Stupid people. Mom just doesn't get how people can be so awful and heartless, but she does get how you can be so cute and loving. You are a dog, and dogs only know how to love.


Kathryn and Ari said...

Ari couldn't agree more. As far as she's concerned, the only thing water is good for is drinking.

BrandytheGreat said...

Well, YOU sure are luckyy!
Btw, Wubba looks like a good toy to rip! Shh, i hate water!

Jake of Florida said...

Yeah, we're sociable because we've found so many different dogs to sniff and be pals with. Shhh, but sometimes our Mom actually thinks she's the one talking to another dog. Now how silly is that????

By the way, we just left an update on our post to clarify an allegation that we had not pawed our bones over...

Cubby said...

Great story!