Our Sweet and Crazy Coonhound ...

Our Sweet and Crazy Coonhound ...
Run Free: birthdate unknown - Oct. 17 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Look what H-mom and the H-mans spotted at the dog park this morning. None of us dogs noticed it, which is really good because Rick's Golden Retriever, Davis, is lizard-crazy. Davis chases them and KILLS them. He is fast - a lot faster than most lizards! This isn't just a "regular" little Florida lizard. It is a green iguana hatchling. Can you see the markings on his tail? He was hanging onto the fence really tight and not moving at all. He was bright green, which is the only reason anyone saw him at all. He should have been hiding in the trees. There, he would blend right in.

Iguanas are not native to Florida, but they do very well if they make it out of captivity and into the wild. They are not protected because they have overrun many areas. They dig holes in gardens, undermine seawalls and eat vegetation. In the garden, they make a huge mess. Last summer, Fort Lauderdale authorities encouraged homeowners to "humanely dispose" of iguanas found in their yards. A heavy shovel was recommended. They are not aggressive, and usually run from people or animals, but they can deliver a wicked bite, have very sharp claws and can SLAM you with their long tail. They can grow in excess of 5 feet.

H-Mom just loves a "nature moment." She whipped out her phone and was taking pictures! She has lots more of this guy, but this is the best one.


River said...

Not much camoflage there. It's a pretty green thing but too dumb to live?? We chase salamanders around our house but no one ever catches them. My mom is glad.

love & wags,

Kathryn and Ari said...

Fabulous shot! And kudos to you: that's first-rate caninaturalist behavior!!

Charlie Daniels said...

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the photo. It really sums up a current affairs topic here in Australia just now.

Go to google and search for "Iguana-Gate" ...


Charlie & TBU

BrandytheGreat said...

OO, he kills them?

Maggie & Mitch said...

We've never seen a lizard and mom says we never want to see one that's 5' long!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch